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Portrait Painting of Mary Tunaley (b. 1775) by Joseph Wright of Derby.

A portrait painting of Mary Tunaley by Joseph Wright of Derby is held by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts. In April/May 2014, following relevant project information having been forwarded to Boston, the painting previously entitled "Mrs.Francis Boott" was retitled "Miss Mary Tunaley" with fresh provenance (click here). Mary Tunaley also features in the provenance for the Joseph Wright painting "Portrait of Sarah and Ann Haden" held by the Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts. For further details click here.

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Many thanks to all contributors (click here) for their help with this project.

Special thanks to Dr.Jane Holmes of Auckland. Along with providing valuable help and encouragement, Jane has located and submitted significant breakthrough source information particularly with regard to the early Tunaleys.

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Bootts: U.S.Pioneers.

Tunaleys of Wales
Emigration to Canada
Emigration to U.S.A.
Tunaleys of Rhodesia
Tunaleys of Victoria
Tunaleys of Queensland
The Threlfalls of N.S.W.



Peter Perez Burdett's 1769 sketch of Full Street, Derby, where the original Thomas Tunaley lived.

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THOMAS TUNALEY (the ORIGINAL), Merchant and Master Feltmaker
Full Street, Derby, the 1769 sketch created by the Cartographer Peter Perez Burdett (1734-1793)
The "TUNALLI",TUNALEY Name Change and Potential Links to Sir Thomas Lombe
The Portrait of Mary Tunaley (b. 1775) by Joseph Wright of Derby
Mary Tunaley's connections with her illustrious neighbours of Full Street and Queen Street: Joseph Wright and Erasmus Darwin.
Mary Tunaley - connection by marriage to AMERICAN PATRIOTS
Mary Tunaley/Harriet Boot - connection to the ROOSEVELTS AND WHITE HOUSE
Mary Tunaley/Frances Boott Greenough and THE BROOKLINE BLAKE ESTATE
Mary Tunaley Boott/Samuel Goodrich/Guy Lowell
The Boott Mills, connection to William Strutt, the Will of Kirk Boott Snr.
Thomas Tunaley Snr. and The Start of Dyeing on "The Holmes"
Robert Tunaley's ownership on marriage of the William Snape Mill
The Dancing Exploits of Robert Tunaley
The Dancing Exploits of Thomas Snape Tunaley
Thomas Snape Tunaley and the McKenzie and Mousley law suits
The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Snape Tunaley
Investigation and possible Levant Origins of the First Tunaleys
The Feltmaker,the Throwster, the Innkeeper and the Merchant Tailor
The Early Tunaleys and an Eighteeth Century Timeline
George Sorocold of Derby - "The First British Civil Engineer"
The Huguenots And The Calico Acts
"Hall and Tunaley" - The Firm of Silk Throwsters
The Pursuits and Pastimes of Thomas Snape Tunaley (b. 1802)
Robert James Tunaley (surgeon) and the Stanfield Hall Murders of 1848
Tunaley Court Cases of 1857
Tunaley Debtors,Insolvencies and Bankruptcies in the Nineteenth Century
Constantia Tunaley - grand-daughter of Mill Owner William Snape
Thomas S. Tunaley meets Ralph Waldo Emerson, American author, poet and philosopher.
Sarah Tunaley (b. 1809) - Marriage to Samuel Walker Cox (Mayor of Derby 1870)
Sarah Tuna;ey (b. 1837) - Marriage and the Tunaley move to the Railway.
The Tunaley connection to Paul Lebrecht König - deoorated Iron Cross First Class WW1 German U Boat Commander
Catharine Tunaley (b 1768) and the actor husband who switched his name.
The History of the County of Derby - by Stephen Glover (The Tunaley Dyers mentioned)
Work by Paul Tunaley on Godfrey "Tunaley" b. 1794
The Tunaley Family of Norfolk
The Winning Jockey-Robert James Tunaley b.1861
The Tunaley Family of Manchester
The Tunaley Family of Leicester
The Tunaley Family of Rhodesia/South Africa
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Harold F. Tunaley, Mayor of Lusaka, presented to the Queen Mother
William Simpson Tunaley, Mayor of Preston, Melbourne, 1959/60.
The Tunaley Family of U.S.A.
The Tunaley Family of Canada
The Tunaley Family of Victoria, Australia
The Tunaley Centennial Celebration and Reunion, Melbourne, Australia, 23/10/2011
The Tunaley Family of Queensland, Australia
The Rimmington Tree
Threlfall-Rimmington Tree
Engineering Exploits of George Threlfall (M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E.) Civil and Mining Engineer.
Martyn Threlfall (O.B.E) 1932 -: Private Secretary to J.Lyons, Australian Prime Minister.
R.H. Threlfall and Gallipoli
W.R.M.H. Threlfall in Germany and letters of 1888
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The Last Will and Testament of Kirk Boott Snr. and the travails of John Wright Boott - click here

The Last Will and Testament of John Wright Boott - click here

Above:Richard Arkwright's Masson Mill built Cromford, Derbyshire, 1783. Click here or on image to enlarge.

Below: Strutt's mill of 1804 replacing father Jedediah's mill of 1786. Click here or on image to enlarge.

Below: The Strutt's mill complex as it appeared before 1836. Click here or on image to enlarge

Below: Remnants of the Old Derby Silk Mill (building completed 1722). Click here or on the image to enlarge.

To see how the original Old Silk Mill looked click here

Below: Darley Abbey Mill

Click on picture to enlarge and for further information.

Darley Abbey Mill, one of the Derwent Valley mills built ca. 1783 onwards ostensibly by landowner Thomas Evans and his sons. The Strutt and Evans families were closely connected by two marriages with Jedediah Strutt formerly a partner of Richard Arkwright.

Building started at around the same time as Strutt's second mill at Milford and Arkwright's Masson Mill at Matlock Bath (1783) so it's likely the Strutts were also much involved in the building of the Darley Abbey mills (see "The Original Tunaleys and a Timeline").

This mill, one of five, specialised in producing quality thread for sewing, embroidery and haberdashery. 150 houses were built for the workers.