William Snape Snr.



William Snr. - Mill-owner and Toolmaker/Ironmonger for Wholesale and Retail.



N.B. In the eighteenth century, the term "millwright" would also refer to the mill-owner.


William Snape was christened at St. Werburgh's Church four years before the famous writer Samuel Johnson (b. Lichfield 1709) was married in the same church to Elizabeth Porter 1735. Snape's Mill was in Nun Green which is now part of Friargate, Derby just 5 minutes walk from St. Werburgh's Church where William was married.

All christening records, with the exception of Catherina and Lucy, are confirmed by England and Wales christening records.





William Snape Jnr. (Mill Owner)


(Robert Tunaley became owner of the mill following his marriage to Constantia Snape - click here).


William c. St. Werburgh's, Derby, 7 April, 1731.

(Sister Jane, c, St. Werburgh's, Derby, 11/4/1736).

William married to Anne (date unknown).

Apprenticeship records state that William Snr., the father, was a millwright. Further records confirm the father as a Mill-Owner and Toolmaker/Ironmonger of Nuns Green, Derby (see panel right).

From Wikipedia; "Historically, millwrights built water and wind mills, mostly of wood with a limited number of metal parts".

See also George Sorocold.


Elizabeth Snape c. St. Werburgh's, Derby, 9/2/1752 (presumed d. before 1755).
Elizabeth Snape c. St. Werburgh's, Derby, 11/6/1755
Sarah Snape c. St. Werburgh's, Derby, 9/3/1757

Dorothea Snape c. St. Werburgh's, Derby, 22/2/1759

m. James Oakes 30/5/1786, Weeford, Staffs. James: shareholder, partner and, in 1817, owner of The Riddings Ironworks, Derbyshire.

Maria Snape c. St. Werburgh's, Derby, 13/12/1760
Margaret Snape c. St. Werburgh's, Derby, 11/8/1762

Constantia Snape c. St. Werburgh's, Derby,

17/12/1763 m. Robert Tunaley 27th

January 1800, St. Werburgh's Church, Derby.

The Will of Constantia Tunaley

Lucy Snape c. St. Werburgh's, Derby, 7/5/1765
Catherina Snape c. St. Werurgh's, Derby, 15/11/1767
















Information on this page courtesy of Dr. Jane Holmes of New Zealand.



Derby Mercury 25th March 1763 ;

Announcement showing William Snr. has been a millwright for thirty years and has entered into partnership with Francis Greasley, formerly William's apprentice. Business is shown to involve selling of milling machinery.

Derby Mercury 25th December 1767:

Advertisement showing Snape & Co. (a) make and sell for retail: Edge tools for joiners, carpenters, carvers, millwrights, wheelwrights (b) do mill-work in wood, iron and brass (c) make tooth and pinion jacks and all types of screw and screw jacks (d) make pullies with iron cases, hedging hatchets, gorse-hooks, spades, shovels,garden shears, hoes, and all sorts of iron furniture for the kitchen (e) repair locks and make keys for them.











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