Benjamin Oakes


Wine Merchant & Innkeeper,

St. Peter's Street,


m. Mary Snape, 1745, St. Michael's Derby.

Benjamin buried 9th April 1766, St Peter's

Church, Derby.




James Oakes

b. 1750, Derby

m. Dorothea Snape, 30/5/1786, Weeford, Staffs

James: shareholder, partner and, in 1817, owner of The Riddings

Ironworks, Derbyshire.

James d. 1828.


Mary Oakes c. 31st. Oct., 1786, St. Peter's, Derby.


James Oakes c. 21 April 1788, St. Peter's, Derby

James inherited the family business in 1828 on

the death of his father, and remained head of the

family firm until his own death in 1845.

James m. Sarah Haden 1814.

Sarah Haden, daughter of Thomas Haden,

surgeon and twice Mayor of Derby.

(The two windmills built at Riddings by their

eldest son, also James, were named James and

Sarah in their honour).

James d. 1845, buried Riddings, Derbyshire, 3rd

May, 1845.

Sarah died 1860.

Benjamin Oakes 13th Dec., 1889, St. Peter's, Derby.

Benjamin buried St. Peter's Derby, 24. Dec. 1889

Marianne Oakes, c. 16 March 1791, St. Peter's, Derby.
Constantia Maria Oakes c. 30 Jan 1794, St. Peter's, Derby.
Eliza Oakes, c. 29 July 1796, St. Peter's Derby, St. Peter's, Derby.








Mary Snape

m. Benjamin Oakes, 1745, St.

Michael's Derby.



No evidence yet found that might

shed light on an original Snape

family relationship between Mary

and her subsequent daughter-in-

law Dorothea.





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