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This will dated 14/2/1805, approved 17/4/1821.

Proceeds from Thomas Snape Tunaley's estate went into trust for the benefit of Kathleen Constantia Tunaley (click here).
1847 - Thomas Snape Tunaley meets Ralph W.Emerson famous American poet and author (click here).

Thomas Snape Tunaley


b. 5-6-1802, Derby.

m. Catherine Smith 28-6-1850.

Bloomsbury, Middlesex.


Thomas d. April, 1855,

registration district Tamworth.




Information relating to Kathleen's daughter, Maud Pennington, courtesy of Mr. John Grove of Canada (click here for his website).

Much other information on this page courtesy of Dr. Jane Holmes of New Zealand.


At the time of marriage, 1871, Walter Pennington was vicar of St. Marks, Dalston, London.

At the time of Maude Edith Pennington's birth, 1875 Walter was now working as an Anglican minister in Shebbear, North Devon.

By 1877 (see below), Walter and Kathleen had returned to London, with Walter now vicar of St. Philip's, Earl's Court.



"Under Claxton, St. Philip's cultivated a doctrinal position characterized in 1871 as 'principally, though not exclusively Anglican. In 1872 part of the parish was ceded to St. Matthias's, a new church which Claxton had helped promote.
He was succeeded at his death in 1877 by Walter Pennington, under whom St. Philip's fell on hard times. Pennington, whose sole source of income was the pew-rents, became so encumbered with debt that, by a bizarre turn of events only possible under ecclesiastical law, the church and its pew-rents were sequestrated in 1880. Pennington stayed on until 1884, paid from a stipend by the sequestrator on the diocese's behalf".

"According to the secretary of the building committee for St. Cuthbert's, Philbeach Gardens, Pennington was 'commonly spoken of in the neighbourhood as a disgrace to his sacred office', but St. Cuthbert's vicar, Henry Westall, conceded that Pennington had his kindly side and noted that he generally could procure tickets for Drury Lane Theatre, 'having been of great service to Mr. Harris the lessee'. Since the promotion of the new church, again within St. Philip's parish, foreshadowed a further diminution of his income, his antagonism to St.Cuthbert's can be well understood".


Walter Pennington died July 13th 1884.













Catherine Tunaley died 22 May 1883 at Peckham House, Peckham, Camberwell, London.

On 16 August 1883, probate was awarded to "Kathleen Constantia Pennington (Wife of the Reverend Walter Pennington, Clerk) the Daughter and only Next of Kin residing in Belgium".

Catherine's estate amounted to £20. Using an historic calculator, this amount was equivalent to just over £2000.

No records have been found as to how Kathleen came to be in Belgium but it seems fairly clear that, by then, she had deserted Walter.


Kathleen Constantia Tunaley


b. 13-4-1852

Wiggington Staffordshire. c.7-9-1852, Tamworth, Staffordshire.


m. Walter Pennington (Walter b. 14/1/1846 Hackney, London d. 1885).

Marriage: 28-8-1871, New Malden, Surrey.


Walter Pennington died July 13th 1884 (see panel left)

1891 Census- Kathleen now in service in Bethnal Green. Kathleen Muriel Pennington adopted and Effie and Eric placed in an orphanage.

In 1894, 10 years after Walter's death, Kathleen married again to Henry Charles McCormack, listed on marriage certificate as "cattle dealer". Marriage took place on 9th July 1894, Deptford, Middlesex. Kathleen's late father Thomas Snape Tunaley listed on certificate as "Gentleman".

Records (see panel left) show Walter died in penury.

Kathleen d. 1901 - death registered West Ham, Essex.

Walter John O'Sullivan Pennington, b.1874, Hackney, London. Emigrated to Ontario, Canada.

Maude Edith Pennington b. Shebbear, Torrington, Devon, 25th October, 1875. d. 1914.

m. Frederick William Grove, 19 March, 1896, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Maude is buried at Beaverbank, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband Frederick William Grove 1865-1953.

Violet Guinevre Pennington, b, 1877 Kensington, d. 1887, Eton.
Kathleen Muriel Pennington 1878-1943. Married Paul Lebrecht König, 1901, Winchester. Paul König a decorated WW1 U boat commander (click here).
Jocelyn Tremblestone Pennington b. 1879, Kensington, d. 1879, Kensington.
Effie Gladys Pennington 1881 d. Winthrop, Massachusetts, 1923.
Eric Wilfred Pennington 1882, emigrated to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1902.

The Grove family website includes photographs of Maud and confirms she married Frederick William Grove (b. 1865.) Children were Edith Frances Grove (1897), Alice M. (1900) Helen Olive (1902), Frederick Author (1902 d. 1904), William Walter (1904), and James Lewis (1914). Also, according to this website, the father of Frederick William was William Grove (c.Stafford England 1818) who, as a merchant, appeared to travel much between England, (Liverpool) Cuba and Nova Scotia. Frederick, as he became older, may well have travelled with his father although it does seem he would have worked mainly on his Uncle James' farm in Beaverbank. What seems fairly certain is that in 1890 following the death of Frederick's uncle James, most of James' farming land and stock was bequeathed to Frederick (click here).



Catherine Smith


b. 1825/6, Brixton, Surrey

m. Thomas Snape Tunaley,


Catherine d. 22 May,1883,

Peckham House, Camberwell.






In 1851 when Thomas Snape was visiting in Worksop Nottinghamshire, Catherine, described as a teacher, is given in the census as living with her widowed mother (listed as a schoolmistress), aunt and two unmarried sisters at Millfield House, Lichfield Road, Coton Farm, Staffs.

In 1861 Catherine had moved to Harrow and was still living with her mother (now not working) Kathleen Constantia, aunt, two unmarried sisters one servant and a brother who is described as a clergyman "without care of souls".






For details of Kathleen Muriel Pennington's husband Paul Lebrecht König (Iron Cross First Class) German U boat commander, click here.



Point of interest:

Shebbear, where Maude Pennington was born, was the centre for the Bible Christian movement in the nineteenth century. Many of these Bible Christians emigrated to Canada (click here for further details). Three of Kathleen's children emigrated to Canada and one to the U.S.


















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