Francis Boott


Francis Boott ("merchant"), married Mary Tunaley All Saints, Derby, 25th July, 1805.

Followed by emigration to America where Francis set up the Boston trading partnership Boott and Farrow.

Francis d. 1818, Azores, on journey from America to England.



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"Edward Greely Loring (January 28, 1802 – 1890) was a Massachusetts judge who ignited controversy in Massachusetts and the North by ordering escaped slaves Thomas Sims and Anthony Burns to be returned to slavery under the federal Fugitive Slave Law of 1850."

In 1858 Loring moved to the United States Court of Claims where he remained until his retirement 1877.











































Francis Boott Loring

According to

“Francis and Harriet were close personal friends of President Theodore Roosevelt and his wife Edith”.
P.T.: The Loring residence at
1512, K Street NW, Washington D.C. close to the White House.

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"Benjamin Henry Boneval Latrobe (May 1, 1764 – September 3, 1820) was a..... trained architect in England who emigrated to the new United States and is best known for his design of the United States Capitol, on "Capitol Hill" in Washington, D.C."

N.B. prior to Latrobe's work on the Philadephia water works he met and became close friends with the engineer Nicholas Roosevelt, a talented steam-engine builder.

Latrobe also made repairs to the White House in 1816 after it was damaged in the Ango-American war of 1812-1815.

He had two sons Benjamin Harry Jnr. and Charles Hazelhurst who were also famous builders and engineers.




Harriet Boott

In 1900, Harriet Boott Loring, Mary Tunaley Boott's second daughter was living in close proximity to the U.S. White House. See below for connection with the Roosevelts.

b. Feb 10, 1807, Kensington Road, London, 1807.


m. Edward G. Loring (see panel left)

12 January 1831, Boston.

Edward b. January 28, 1802, Chelsea, MA.,

d. June 19, 1890, Winthrop, MA.


Harriet d. 8 April, 1901, aged 93,

1512, K Street NW, Washingto D.C.

Harriet, then living with her son Francis Boott Loring (see below).

Harriet buried 12/4/1901, Boston MA.




Francis Greeley Loring

b. 1833, Boston MA, d. 23 Feb 1833, Boston MA.

buried: Central Burying Ground.


Mary Boott Loring

b. Feb 22 1834.

1880 Census: single and living with parents, Washington D.C.

Mary d. March 22, 1905.


Edward G. Loring Jnr. (Dr.)

b. 1838, Boston, MA.

(became a distinguished oculist in New York)


m(1) Chevalita Jarves (see panel right), 3 January 1866, Boston, MA.

Chevalita d. Aug 16 1883, Winthrop, MA, aged 38 years

- buried Mt. Auburn, Cambridge MA.


m(2) Helen Sumner Swift, 6 March 1886, Manhattan,

New York.

Helen d. March 18, 1911.

Helen buried Green-Wood cemetery New York.


Edward Loring Jnr. d. 23 April 1888, Manhattan, New

York. Edward buried Green-Wood cemetery New York.


Harriet Boott Loring

b. August 30th 1842

1880 Census: single and living with parents,

Washington D.C.

Harriet d. Nov 26th 1921.

Harriet buried Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge MA.


Helen Pelham Loring

b. 1846, Boston, MA.

Helen d. 23 March 1849.

buried: Central Burying Ground


Wright Boott Loring

b. 22 Dec. 1850, Cambridge MA.

was in business in Manila, later U.S. vice-consul at Iloilo, Philippines; died on passage home (date unknown).


Francis Boott Loring (Physician Dr.)

b. 18 July 1852, Boston MA.

(Francis oculist and eye surgeon).

m. Lydia Roosevelt Latrobe, abt. 1880.

(Lydia b. 1856, Elkridge, Howard, Maryland.The Roosevelt and Latrobe families connected by a previous marriage. Lydia was the daughter of Charles Hazelhurst Latrobe – see panel left).

Francis d. 14 Jan 1923, District of Columbia, 1512

K Street NW, Washingto D.C.

Francis buried Rock Creek, Washington D.C., 16 Jan 1923.

1920 census: one daughter, also Lydia Loring, aged 34 years, living with parents, Washington D.C. One son, John Latrobe Loring (abt. 1883 - 1913).




Mary Boott (nee Tunaley)


Mary marriage (1) to Francis Boott All Saints, Derby, 25th July, 1805.

Followed by emigration to America where Francis set up the Boston trading partnership Boott and Farrow.


Mary marriage (2) to Jeremiah Lee, Brattleboro, Vermont, 1825. Jeremiah, a merchant and at a later stage U.S. Consul in the Mediterranean, was the grandson of Colonel Jeremiah Lee, a person influential in the American War of Independence. Following marriage, Mary and "Jerry" set up residence in Mt. Vernon St., Boston, close to the Port of Boston. For further details click here.




















James Jackson Jarves


Father of Chevalita Jarves, the latter being first wife of Edward G. Loring Jnr.


From Wikipedia at:

"Jarves was the editor of an early weekly newspaper in the Hawaiian Islands, the Polynesian (1840–48). During the 1850s, Jarves relocated to Florence, Italy where he served as the U.S. vice-consul and collected art".

Jarves was made an honorary citizen of Hawaii and he received awards from Italy for his work in art.

Chevalita Jarves was one of three children by his first wife Elizabeth Swain.


























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