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The 1769 sketch of Full Street, Derby, created by the cartographer Peter Perez Burdett (1734-1793)


(part of a collection held by Derby Museum and Art Gallery)





Full Street, Derby, where the first Tunaleys lived.


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About Peter Perez Burdett



In the 1760’s, Peter Perez Burdett, a renowned international cartographer, surveyor, artist and draughtsman, was living in the tall narrow building just beyond the alms houses


in the left foreground. Burdett was a friend of the architect Joseph Pickford who had previously redesigned the frontage of the building.


Also living in this iconic street in the 1780’s were Erasmus Darwin and the original Tunaley family.


Like Mary Tunaley, Burdett and his wife were friendly with the artist Joseph Wright and Burdett’s figure appears in several of Wright’s paintings including


"The Orrery" (on the left of the painting).   A Wright painting of Burdett and his wife is currently held by Prague’s National Gallery (click here).


Burdett, like Eramus Darwin, frequently corresponded with Benjamin Franklin. In 1774, after travelling Europe, he was appointed Surveyor General of the


Pricipality of Baden by the then Grand Duke of Baden, Charles Frederick.


Burdett died in Karlsruhe in 1793.



About the Image



In the right foreground of the sketch is the eastern (rear) side of All Saints Church (now Derby Cathedral). The facing house, immediately beyond the churchyard wall and gate,


is the corner of Amen Alley (this narrow street somewhat obscured on the sketch) a street at right-angles to Full Street and


leading to Derby’s Irongate.  A much-changed Amen Alley is still in existence today as is the Dolphin Inn (built 1520 and renamed “Ye Olde Dolphin Inne”),


Derby’s oldest public house on Irongate close to the far end of Amen Alley.