Records, dated July 1755 from the Kew Archives, show that Thomas Tunaley's occupation was Master Feltmaker in Derby with a female apprentice named Sarah Chandler. Records also show a possible nephew James to be a Master Glover. Click here for the position of James in the overall family.




Ann Tunaley (see panel on right) and her offspring's close relationship with the London area may be significant just as John Hezekiah Tunaley's marriage (1777) was at Hanover Square, London.

One theory is that Thomas arrived in Derby from the London area having previously worked as a trader for either The Levant Company or the East India Company - click here.

Links to Derby would then have been via London trading with the Old Silk Mill.




According to the book "Recollections of Francis Boott: for his grandson F.B.D." Thomas Tunaley came from Italy and was born Thomas "Tunalli" (click here).

See also "Thomas Tunaley, Merchant of Milan".

Background to Thomas's name change and his potential link to Sir Thomas Lombe

P.P.Burdett's 1769 sketch of Full Street, Derby where Thomas Tunaley and family lived. Also Erasmus Darwin and family


Thomas Tunaley

(Master Feltmaker) Thomas born before 1715. m. Katherine.


Kew Archives: 1755 apprenticeship record: Thomas given as Feltmaker in Derby with a female apprentice, Sarah Chandler.

Given the circumstances that prevailed, Thomas may also have produced hats for the gentry. In an era of fashion icons such as Pompadour and later Marie Antoinette, superior felt hats would have been embellished with hand-applied silk embroidery. In Thomas 's case, silk may have been purchaed as "noils" (silk waste) from the closeby Old Derby Silk Mill with the female apprentice, Sarah Chandler, operating as seamstress. Moreover, we know that Thomas's son, also Thomas Tunaley, is shown on his marriage certificate as a silk throwster and that in a document of 1780 "Hall and Tunaley" is listed as a silk throwing business. It is also likely that the younger Thomas served his appenticeship at the Old Silk Mill, where silk waste would have been available in abundance.

Go to Hall and Tunaley Silk Throwsters) for when the Tunaleys moved into dyeing and The Early Tunaleys, Feltmaker and Throwster


Death: Derby Mercury of 20 August 1795 gives Thomas as having been found dead by hanging, and aged "upwards of 80 years"

Actual notice: "Saturday, Thomas Tunaley, of this town, upwards of 80 years of age, was found hanged in a barn."

Information courtesy of Dr. Jane Holmes of New Zealand.

Footnote: the fact Thomas died in a barn might suggest that Thomas was then living at the second Tunaley premises situated on "The Holmes", Derby (click here for more details). "The Holmes" area was located in what was then a semi-rural area. The Tunaley's Full Street property was located in the centre of Derby town.


Ann Tunaley b. 15/3/1742 (see panel right).

John Hezekiah Tunaley b. Derby 26-4-1750.

(J.H.: originally christened "Hezekiah" and by which name he was first married, he later adopted the first name John. This name appears on the baptism records of sons Christopher and Thomas and burial record also gives "John Tunaley").

George Tunaley c. St. Alkmund, Derby, 21-7-1755 - no other records.


The Tunaleys' Italian Ancestor-Thomas "Tunalli"

"Thomas Tunalli, Merchant of Milan" Investigations into Geographical Origins of the Tunaley Name

The Early Thomas Tunaleys - the Feltmaker and the Throwster

The Early Tunaleys and A Timeline

George Sorocold: "The First British civil engineer"


Records indicate the following:

Ann Tunaley b. 15/3/1742 Derby. Parentage not known but date could fit with Thomas and Katherine being parents.Ann married James Murden (himself b. London, 1741 England). Date of marriage 10/12/1763, St. Peters Church, Derby. The son, Joseph Robert Murden, b. 8/9/1766 in London, England.In turn, Joseph married Kezia Miller in Northampton 18/1/1791 and the pair then emigrated to America (Kezia born London, 29/3/1770). Anna Isabella Murden was born 22/7/1800, in Newark, New Jersy. In 1818, Joseph wrote a 113-page book entitled, "The Art of Memory, Reduced to a Systematic Arrangement".

Ann (nee Tunaley) died Derby 27/5/1814.


























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