Abraham Taylor


of Hagbourne, Berks.





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Burder Taylor


bp. 20th July 1727.


Hagbourne, Berkshire.


m. Katherine (Catharina) Tunaley (widow).

18th October, 1757, Derby.


Burder died Derby 1763.

- buried St. Peter's, Derby, 27 Dec. 1763.


In 1767, Burder Taylor Snr. deceased when Catharina

and her 3 children moved from All Saints parish, Derby to London.

The initial destination: St. Andrews Undershaft, London, close

to the H.Q. of the East India Company, Leadenhall Street,

with which the church had strong links.


Burder Taylor, bp. 16th April, 1760, Derby.
Elizabeth Taylor, bp. 7th August, 1761, Derby.
John Taylor, bp. 25th June, 1763, Derby.

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Mary Taylor


of Hagbourne, Berks.




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