Thomas Tunaley


b. before 1715.

m. Katherine.

d. Derby, August 1795.




Following John's death, Rachel Tunaley m. Gregory Galley, Birstall, Yorkshire, 12/6/1820.

Birstall is a village approximately six miles south-west of Leeds.


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"St George Hanover Square was a civil parish in the metropolitan area of London, England. The creation of the parish accompanied the building of the Church of St George's, Hanover Square, constructed by the Commission for Building Fifty New Churches to meet the demands of the growing population. The parish was formed in 1724 from part of the ancient parish of St Martin in the Fields in the Liberty of Westminster and county of Middlesex. It included some of the most fashionable areas of the West End of London, including Belgravia and Mayfair. Civil parish administration, known as a select vestry, was dominated by members of the British nobility until the parish adopted the Vestries Act 1831. The vestry was reformed again in 1855 by the Metropolis Management Act. In 1889 the parish became part of the County of London and the vestry was abolished in 1900, replaced by Westminster City Council. The parish continued to have nominal existence until 1922. As created, it was a parish for both church and civil purposes, but the boundaries of the ecclesiastical parish were adjusted in 1830, 1835 and 1865".






John Hezekiah Tunaley

From J.H. John, originally christened "Hezekiah" and by which name he was first married, later adopted the first name John. This name appears on the baptism records of sons Christopher and Thomas and burial record also gives "John Tunaley").

For (John) Hezekiah Tunaley's possible occupation as wool merchant prior to becoming landlord of the Old Crown Inn in 1797 see bottom of this page (also click here).

c. 26-4-1750, Derby.

m(1): Sarah Nelson, 20-4-1777,

St. George, Hanover Square,

Westminster, London (see panel left).

Sarah was baptised, 1750, in this same Church of St. George, Hanover Square.

Sarah died "of decline" 1804, buried 7/11/1804, St. Peter's, Leeds.


m(2): Rachel Armitage

29/12/1805, Birstall, nr. Leeds, Yorkshire.


John died 1820. Buried 29, February 1820 at St. John the Evangelist, Leeds.

John is given as "Innkeeper of the Old Crown, Kirkgate" in the 1798 Leeds Trade Directory (click here for Marcus Tunaley's website).



(No known children by m(2))

Elizabeth Tunaley

b. 13 May 1780.

c. 20 June 1780, St. Peters, Kirkgate, Leeds.

Sarah Tunaley

b. 15 Feb 1782. c. 14 March 1782, St. Peters, Kirkgate, Leeds.

Sarah died of smallpox, 1783 - buried 28, May 1783, St. Peters, Kirkgate, Leeds.

Catharine Tunaley

b. 16 Feb 1874 c. 11-3-1784, St. Peter, Leeds.

Catharine buried 30 January 1785, St. Peters, Kirkgate, Leeds.

Mary Tunaley

b. 7 Jan 1786, c. 6 Feb 1786, St. Peters, Kirkgats, Leeds.

Ann Tunaley

b. 12 April 1788 c. 16/5/1788, St. Peters, Kirkgate, Leeds.

Ann died "of decline" 1806 - buried 7 September 1806, St. Peters, Kirkgate, Leeds.

Thomas Nelson Tunaley

b. 6 Oct. 1790, c. 12 Nov. 1790, St. Peters, Kirkgate, Leeds.

Christopher Nelson Tunaley

c. 6 March, 1793, St. Peters, Leeds, buried 23 March 1796, St. Peters, Kirkgate, Leeds.


Innkeeper and Probable Wool Merchant

It is known that John Hezekiah Tunaley became landlord of the Old Crown Inn, Kirkgate, Leeds in 1797. What has not been found are records of his previous occupation.

As a result, much of the following is based on circumstantial evidence.

This suggests that John Hezekiah was formerly a wool merchant based on (a) his proximity to the Briggate wool trading centre in Leeds (b) his evident acquired wealth (c) his contacts with London (d) his son's subsequent occupation as merchant tailor (e) his father Thomas's original occupation as feltmkaer (f) the timing of Hezekiah taking over the inn, 1797 i.e. after his father's death in 1795.

Further details are as follows:

1. Hezekiah's first wife Sarah Nelson was baptised in the Church of St. George, Hanover Square 1748, This is at the same Church she and Hezekiah were married 1777 with the location indicating a substantial degree of wealth.

2. Hezekiah's obvious connections with Middlesex are consistent with him being a wool trader at that time.

3. Records show that Thomas Nelson Tunaley, Hezekiah's son, was a merchant tailor after migration to America with records also showing he was previously a "tailor" whilst in Leeds.


"The largely obsolete term merchant tailor also describes a business person who trades in textiles. In England, the term is best known in the context of the Worshipful Company of

Merchant Taylors, a Livery Company of the City of London which is also a charitable institution known for its Merchant Taylors' schools. (The Company preserves the antiquarian spelling


4. Hezekiah's wool trading knowhow and contacts would have been passed on to son Thomas Nelson Tunaley .

5. The original Thomas started out as a feltmaker working with wool.

6. The centre of the wool trade in Leeds was Briggate close to where Hezekiah had his public house (at Kirkgate which joins on to Briggate). Various notes relating to these inns close

to the Briggate wool trading centre confirm that such inn-keepers were wealthy.

These items are consistent with the original Thomas Tunaley having been a trader perhaps spending some years working in London, after leaving Italy and before arriving in Derby.








The following according to the forum of the website at:

A John Tunaley (there are two mentions of him in the forum) is given in the Leeds directory of 1807 as landlord of the "Old Crown", Kirkgate, Leeds and is listed as being landlord from 1797.

The following two websites indicate that, at the time John Tunaley was landlord, the Old Crown was the venue for the birth of the Ancient Order of Foresters (formerly The Royal Foresters)and the meeting place of Freemasons.




History: The "Old Crown" was situated at the centre of Leeds, adjacent to where the Corn Exchange was built 1863.


Much extra information courtesy of Dr. Jane Holmes.




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