Thomas Tunaley


b. before 1715.

m. Katherine.

d. Derby, August 1795.



Derwent St., shown on the right- where Thomas Tunaley Jnr. had his silk dye works- photograph taken from the bridge over the Derwent looking to the Silk Mill. Click to enlarge.

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Thomas Tunaley - shown on his marriage certificate as a silk throwster. Document 1780: partner in "Hall and Tunaley", silk throwing firm.

As a throwster, Thomas may have originally been employed at the Silk Mill - where silk was spun or "thrown" into threads ready for weaving - click here.

1780 document: Thomas is a partner in "Hall and Tunaley" silk throwing firm - possibly a jenny factory - click here for details.

Dr. Jane Holmes of New Zealand has also found records showing that William "Tunnaley" who married Sarah Ragg in 1774 (click here) was himself a throwster and demonstrating the Tunaley's involvement in silk throwing fifty years after the Old Silk Mill was built.

Meanwhile Court Records of Lichfleld, show that George Needham, Robert Tunaley's father-in-law by his first marriage, was also a silk throwster, creating an obvious link, in terms of the Silk Mill, between George who died around 1778 and Thomas.




Thomas Tunaley

b. abt. 1743.

m. Catherine Hefford,

11-6-1764, All Saints, Derby.


1780 document: Partner in "Hall and Tunaley" silk throwing firm: click here for details.


Catherine c. Derby 16-1-1742: daughter of Thomas Hefford and Catherine Walker who married 30th. March, 1732 at Duffield, Derbyshire - click here for further details.


Catherine d. Derby, Sept 24th, 1808, aged 67 years.

With regard to Thomas's death, a record has been found by J.H. of a "Thomas Tunnely buried 9 Dec 1781" at "St. Werburges In Derby." Along with other circumstantial evidence there is a strong possibility this is Thomas Tunaley the throwster. N.B. No children born to Thomas/Catherine after 1780 and Hall and Tunaley silk throwing partnrship folded shortly after 1781.


Mary Tunaley

b. Derby, 1-9-1765.

Catharine Tunaley

b. Derby, 1768.

Anne Tunaley

b. Derby, 1770.

Thomas Tunaley Snr.

b. Derby, 1772.

Elizabeth Tunaley

bp. Derby 7th Feb. 1775

William Tunaley

b. Derby, 1776.

Sarah Tunaley

c. Derby, 03-08-1778.

William Tunaley

b. Derby, 1778..

Henry Tunaley

b. Derby, 1779.

Joseph Tunaley

b. Derby, 18-3-1780.





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