Thomas Tunaley


b. before 1715.

m. Katherine.

d. Derby, August 1795.



Derwent St., shown on the right- where Thomas Tunaley Jnr. had his silk dye works- photograph taken from the bridge over the Derwent looking to the Silk Mill. Click to enlarge.

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Thomas Tunaley - shown on his marriage certificate as a silk throwster. Document 1780: partner in "Hall and Tunaley", silk throwing firm.

As a throwster, Thomas may have originally been employed at the Silk Mill - where silk was spun or "thrown" into threads ready for weaving - click here.

1780 document: Thomas is a partner in "Hall and Tunaley" silk throwing firm - possibly a jenny factory - click here for details.

Dr. Jane Holmes of New Zealand has also found records showing that William "Tunnaley" who married Sarah Ragg in 1774 (click here) was himself a throwster and demonstrating the Tunaley's involvement in silk throwing fifty years after the Old Silk Mill was built.

Meanwhile Court Records of Lichfleld, show that George Needham, Robert Tunaley's father-in-law by his first marriage, was also a silk throwster, creating an obvious link, in terms of the Silk Mill, between George who died around 1778 and Thomas.




Thomas Tunaley

b. abt. 1743.

m. Catherine Hefford,

11-6-1764, All Saints, Derby.


1780 document: Partner in "Hall and Tunaley" silk throwing firm: click here for details.


Catherine c. Derby 16-1-1742: daughter of Thomas Hefford and Catherine Walker who married 30th. March, 1732 at Duffield, Derbyshire - click here for further details.


Catherine d. Derby, Sept 24th, 1808, aged 67 years.

With regard to Thomas's death, a record has been found by J.H. of a "Thomas Tunnely buried 9 Dec 1781" at "St. Werburges In Derby." Along with other circumstantial evidence there is a strong possibility this is Thomas Tunaley the throwster. N.B. No children born to Thomas/Catherine after 1780 and Hall and Tunaley silk throwing partnrship folded shortly after 1781.


Mary Tunaley

b. Derby, 1-9-1765.

Catharine Tunaley

b. Derby, 1768.

Anne Tunaley

b. Derby, 1770.

Thomas Tunaley Snr.

b. Derby, 1772.

William Tunaley

b. Derby, 1776.

Sarah Tunaley

c. Derby, 03-08-1778.

William Tunaley

b. Derby, 1778..

Henry Tunaley

b. Derby, 1779.

Joseph Tunaley

b. Derby, 18-3-1780.





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