Thomas Tunaley


b. abt. 1743

m. Catherine Hefferd, 11-6-1764.


With regard to Thomas's death, a record has been

found by J.H. of a "Thomas Tunnely buried 9 Dec

1781" at "St. Werburges In Derby." Along with other

circumstantial evidence there is a strong

possibility this is Thomas Tunaley the throwster.

N.B. No children born to Thomas/Catherine after

1780 and Hall and Tunaley silk throwing partnrship



William Tunaley

b. 1776.

c. 22-12-1776, Derby.


It appears William died in infancy, indicated by the namimg of a second son,

William, born 1778.


No other records.



Catherine Hefford


b. 16-1-1742.

m. Thomas Tunaley,


Catherine d. Derby, Sept.

24th., 1808, aged 67 years.




The Tunaley Family History

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