Constantia's grandfather- Mill Owner William Snape
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This will dated 14/2/1805, approved 17/4/1821.


Thomas Tunaley Snr


b. 1772.

m. Elizabeth Potter,


Thomas d. Derby, 10 September, 1848.


1846: Edward working as a cabinet maker in George St., Derby (Bagshaw's Trade Directory 1846)

1857: now at St. Helen's St. Derby (Whites' Directory).

Both addresses could have been Edward's workplace rather than residence (see bottom centre panel).


Eliza: shown as informant on Edward Tunaley's death certificate in 1865.
Eliza shown to be living at Park St., Derby prior to marriage 1869.





Edward Tunaley


b. Derby, 1806, c. 14/1/1807, All Saints, Derby.

m. Mary Ann Coxon, 1842, Sheffield (Mary b. 1813, Derby, d. 1856,


Records indicate that Edward married Mary Ann only after the birth of their sixth child (see also Thomas Tunaley Jnr. who also fathered three children before marrying their mother). See also below.


Edward d. 9-3-1865, Derby.


Eliza Tunaley

b. 1832, m. Samuel Choice, Derby 1869, d. 12/8/1890, Leicester.

Henry Edward Tunaley

c. St. Peter, Derby, 17/2/1833, d. Derby, 1905.

Edward Tunaley c. 16-6-1839 St. Peters Derby. d. 1840, Derby.
Edward Tunaley c. 30/7/1843, St. Peter's Derby. d. 6/5/1848, Derby.

Kate Tunaley b. 1846 bp. 18 April 1850, St. Alkmund's Church, Derby.

(see webpage of Sarah Ann)

Possible Twins

Laura Tunaley b. Derby 1850, bp. 18 April 1850, St. Alkmund's Church, Derby.

Laura d. Derby 1850.

Fanny Tunaley b. Derby 1850, bp. 18 April 1850, St. Alkmund's Church, Derby.

Fanny d. Derby 1851.

Frank Septimus Tunaley

b. Derby, 1852 d. Derby 1916.

It seems as the law stood at the time, "fathers of illegitimate children could be committed to jail unless they made arrangements to indemnify the parish for the upkeep of the child" (click here). See also the first family of John Tunaley (b. 1813).

In the book "The History and Directory of the Borough of Derby

(Intended As A Guide To Strangers Visiting the Town)"

By Stephen Glover

Published 1843

the residences and occupations of eight of the various Tunaleys are given as follows:

"Tunaley Edward, cabinet maker, Full Street.

Tunaley William, Silk Dyer, Upper Brook Street.

Tunaley Thos Snr., Silk Dyer, 4, Tenant Street.

Tunaley Thos Jnr. Silk Dyer 7, Derwent Street.

Tunaley Samuel, Silk Dyer 17, Derwent Row.

Tunaley Henry, Silk Dyer, Tenant Street.

Tunaley John, Silk Dyer, Tenant Street.

Tunaley Thos Snape, Dancing Master, Full Street."

(Thomas Snape Tunaley was son of Robert Tunaley d. 1820 with the Full

Street property rented out by Robert's widow, Constantia).




Elizabeth Potter


m. Thomas Tunaley Snr., 16-10-1795

Elizabeth d. Derby, 5

November 1843, aged 72





Eliza (Choice), Henry,

Alfred, Thomas, Kate, Frank

and Sarah Ann (Shaw) are

all mentioned in the 1874

Will of Henry Tunaley

(1800-1874) and therefore

all surviving at that time.


The death of mother Mary Ann in 1856 appears to have caused some breakdown of the family unit.

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