John Tunaley and Jane Till - John Tunaley's first family.

(Information courtesy of Mr. Trevor Till)






Details as follows:


Jane Till is listed in the 1841 census and onwards as living at Rivett St., Derby (now

demolished) but not living with a spouse, just herself and five children all named in the census as Till.

John b. 1830

Charles b. 1836

Henry b. 1838 (Mr. Till's great-grandfather)

Thomas b. 5 Feb 1841

Edward b. 1843

Detailed and time-consuming research by Mr. Trevor Till, a descendant of Henry, has uncovered the following:


1. All 5 children were christened at St. Peter's Church, Derby naming parents as John and Jane

Till, except John whose parents are named as John and Mary Till (the names of Jane's own parents who lived in the same Rivett street).

2. The wedding certificate of Henry Till, when he married Maria, reveals that his father was

"John Tunnally, Dyer".

3. Thomas' birth certificate names the father as 'John Tunaley, Dyer'.

4. The surname Tunaley appears on the birth indexes for Thomas and Edward, although not Henry.

John Tunaley subsequently married Sarah Wood in 1847 by whom he had a further three children in Derby and a further five children after moving to Manchester around 1854. Interestingly at this stage, Jane Till now declared herself a widow (click here).


As the law stood at the time, "fathers of illegitimate children could be committed to jail unless they made arrangements to indemnify the parish for the upkeep of the child" (click here).


See also Edward Tunaley (b. 1806) and Thomas Tunaley Jnr.(b. 1796), both of whom fathered

several children before marrying the mother.


Further information as and when received.










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