Edward Tunaley


b. 1806

m. Mary Ann Coxon, Sheffield, 1842.

Records indicate Edward married Mary Ann some time after the birth of their sixth child (see also Thomas Tunaley Jnr.)

Edward d. 9-3-1865.



According to Marcus Tunaley's records of the 1891 census, Charles Edward (aged 20) and Joe Willie (aged 18) were classified in 1891 as stepsons to John Ford and Mary Ann Ford (previously Mary Ann Tunaley) living in Huddersfield.

Also living at the same address were Walter Ford (aged 19), Minnie May Ford (aged 17), marked as son and daughter respectively and Eliza Abbey (aged 27) also marked as daughter.

Walter Ford's age is given as 19 (i.e born before Joe Willie aged 18). Eliza Abbey, the "daughter", was in fact the married name of Eliza Tunaley, married 11-7-1886 to Thomas Henry Abbey.








Alfred Tunaley


bp. 29 March 1835, St. Peter's Church, Derby.

m. Mary Ann Ives, 29-1-1863



Eliza Tunaley b. 1863 Huddersfield.
Henry Tunaley b. 31-8-1863 Huddersfield d. 1863.
Anne Tunaley b. 25-9-1867. Huddersfield d. 1872.

Charles Edward Tunaley b. 1871


One explanation for items in the left-hand panel is that the Ford children were from a previous marriage of John Ford. However, this would not explain the reason for Alfred's name changes in the right-hand panel.


Mary Ann Coxon


b. 1813, Derby.

m. Edward Tunaley, Sheffield, 1842.

Mary d. 1856, Derby.



For whatever reason, Alfred appears to have taken

on a variety of names (see Marcus Tunaley's gedcom

file and accompanying notes on Alfred):

He is named as Alfred on his marriage certfifcate (1863),

Edward on Joe Willie's birth certificate (1873) and

Charles on Joe Willie's marriage certificate (1897).

In fact the name Alfred is that quoted in Henry's

will (1874) and presumably the given name on the

original birth certfifcate.




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