Alfred Tunaley


b. 1836.

m. Mary Ann Ives,




Joe: occupation given in 1901 census as "Compositor" (typesetter) living with family at 33, Cross Grove Street, Huddersfield.


Towards the end of the nineteenth century printing was revolutionised by the invention of the linotype machine - see Wikipedia.

See also John Tunaley regarding occupation of Joe Willie.





Joe Willie Tunaley


b. 25-3-1873.

Huddersfield, Yorks.

m. Ada Wragg (Ada b. Matlock Derbyshire).


Joe d. 1944, Huddersfield.


Harry Tunaley

b. Huddersfield, 28-6-1897

Phyllis Tunaley

b. 1901.

John Edward Tunaley

b. Huddersfield, 1904 d. 1923.

Wilfred Tunaley

b. Huddersfield, 1906 d. 1910.



Mary Ann Ives


b. 1841, Huddersfield, Yorks.

m. Alfred Tunaley,


d. 26-12-1914, Huddersfield, Yorks.




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