Click here to see a copy of John Tunaley's 1904 U.S.linotype printing patent.


Edward Tunaley


b. 1844, Derbyshire.

m. Louisa Vanstone, 25-12-1873, St.

Andrews, Derby.

Edward d. 1916, Chesterfield.




1881 Census has John, aged 16, as Steam Engine Fitter Apprentice.

1901 Census has John living at 54, Oxford Street Derby, next door to his parents and siblings at No. 55.

John's occupation is now given as millwright (see panel below).


The 1901 census has John Tunaley's occupation as Millwright.

In 1934, John is described in this T.U.C. text as "Consulting Engineer"


Towards the end of the nineteenth century printing was revolutionised by the invention of the linotype machine - see Wikipedia.


Extract from Wikipedia: "A millwright today is someone who maintains or constructs industrial machinery such as that which would be related to assembly lines, also pumps, valves, printing presses, etc. Millwrights are usually responsible for the unassembled equipment when it arrives at the job site. Using hoisting and moving equipment they position the pieces that need to be assembled. Their job requires a thorough knowledge of the load bearing capabilities of the equipment they use as well as an understanding of blueprints and technical instructions."




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John Tunaley


b. 1874, Derby.

m. Alice Sudbury, Derby, 1898.

Alice d. 1953, aged 80, Derby.

John d. 1937, Derby.



John Edward Tunaley

b. 1902, Derby.

Alice Tunaley b. 1906, Derby

Reuben Tunaley

b. 1910, Derby


One interesting feature of the 1901 census is that it has what appears to be John's brother, Edward, b. 1878, listed as "Boarder" at 7, Park Street Hanley, occupation given as "Printer's Manger".

Edward's age is given as 30 but place of birth is Newton Abbott, Devon indicating this was indeed John's brother Edward, but aged 23 not 30.

See also Joe William Tunaley who was a "compositor" or typesetter in Huddersfield.


Louisa Vanstone


b. 1852, Torquay, Devon

(father - John Vanstone).

m. Edward Tunaley, 25-12-

1873, St. Andrews, Derby.

Louisa d. Derby, 1917.




Click here to see a copy of John Tunaley's 1904 U.S.linotype printing patent.


1911 census:

This has John Edward Tunaley, aged 8 years, at the address of his maternal grandparents R.W. Sudbury (Mechanic) and Alice Sudbury, ages respectively 66 and 62 years.

The grandfather is listed as b. Loughborogh, Leics., and the grandmother b. Worthington, Leics.

The address is 62, Liversage St., Derby.

Meanwhile, parents John and Alice and the two other children, Alice and Reuben, are living in Camberwell at the time of the 1911 census.





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