Constantia's grandfather- Mill Owner William Snape
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This will dated 14/2/1805, approved 17/4/1821.

Transcript of Henry's will.

(This document obtained and transcribed by Marcus Tunaley)


Thomas Tunaley Snr


b. 1772.

m. Elizabeth Potter,


Thomas d. Derby, 10 September, 1848.



1841 census : Henry living at Tenant St., Derby with parents - listed as Dyer aged 40.

1851 census : Henry living at Tenant St., Derby as a bachelor and listed as "Head" with one servant- both parents having died.

It also seems from the 1851 census that, following Thomas Snr.'s death, Samuel and his large family moved into Tenant St, presumably living in another part of the large building. Samuel is also listed as "Head".

Following Thomas Snr.'s death, the Tunaley dyeing business began to fold. The author assumes Henry's property investment became his main activity.



Henry Tunaley (Dyer)


b. 1799.

c. 27/1/1800, St. Nicholas, Nottingham.

d. 16/2/1874, Derby.

Henry was unmarried.



Henry beneficiary of Thonas Senior's Will- this document obtained and transcribed by Paul Tunaley..

Henry, himself, made out a very generous will to other members of the family - see panels on right.


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In the book "The History and Directory of the Borough of Derby

(Intended As A Guide To Strangers Visiting the Town)"

By Stephen Glover

Published 1843

the residences and occupations of eight of the various Tunaleys are given as follows:

"Tunaley Edward, cabinet maker, Full Street.

Tunaley William, Silk Dyer, Upper Brook Street.

Tunaley Thos Snr., Silk Dyer, 4, Tenant Street.

Tunaley Thos Jnr. Silk Dyer 7, Derwent Street.

Tunaley Samuel, Silk Dyer 17, Derwent Row.

Tunaley Henry, Silk Dyer, Tenant Street.

Tunaley John, Silk Dyer, Tenant Street.

Tunaley Thos Snape, Dancing Master, Full Street."

(Thomas Snape Tunaley was son of Robert Tunaley d. 1820 with the Full

Street property rented out by Robert's widow, Constantia).




Elizabeth Potter


m. Thomas Tunaley Snr., 16-


Elizabeth d. Derby, 5

November 1843, aged 72



Henry: a bachelor

throughout his life who

successfully invested in

property and shares.

1846 onwards: Henry became

shareholder in both the

Midland Railway Company and

the Metropolitan District

Railway (London

Underground)- these shares

later inherited by Henry's

nephew Henry Edward Tunaley

(b. 1833).

Henry may have formed an

attachment with Sarah

Tunaley (Wood) following

the death of John Tunaley

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