Henry Roch Tunaley


b. 1836, Wymondham, Norfolk.

m. Martha Leatherdale, 1857, Holborn.

Henry d. 1895, Henstead, Suffolk.





William Clement and Constance were the nephew and niece of William above (go to Robert James Tunaley and/or click here).



William Clement Tunaley

b. 1894, Kennington, Surrey

Paul Tunaley provides the following information from army records:

William Tunaley died in January, 1922. his address at the time was either 375 or 37, Rue Bois Bonnet, Maisons-Laffitte, Seine et Dise, France. This was almost certainly the same address as that of his late father Robert James Tunaley (b. 1861 d. 1895). William enlisted in the Army 1915, age given as 21, and saw action in Egypt. He contracted malaria which led to TB, the cause of his death in Paris in 1922. Year of birth, according to these records, would have been 1894 rather than the 1897 given in the 1901 census (in the latter case he would have been aged 18 rather than 21 at the time of enlistment, 1915).

William Clement Tunaley's next of kin when he joined the army 1915 was his mother Mary Elizabeth Tunaley of 82 Coningham Road, Shepherd's Bush.

N.B. Robert's first son Edouard died in 1919 following WW1 (click here).


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William Tunaley


b. 1863, Wymondham, Norfolk.

Newspaper cuttings of the time include the following: William (1) riding Henry Roch Tunaley's horse Arlington at Ipswich, 1878 (2) riding Mr. Tom Roch Tunaley's horse Monarch 1888 in the 19th Hussar's Annual Steeplechases (3)through to Chepstow in 1928 when William now aged 65 is the owner or trainer of the French-named horse Chez Toi (Oct 10th 1928 2 p.m Castleford Handicap Plate).

In 1901, William was living at Brook lane, Yardley, Birmingham consistent with William being the father of Violet Tunaley b. 29-4-1902, at "The Stores, Billesley Common, Yardley, Birmingham". The mother was Octavia Lilian Ward (nee Brindley) with Violet subsequently being christened Violet Tunaley Ward. William (born Wymondham) worked for the Brindley family as stud groom and handyman.

1911 census has William as stud/groom living at the Glasgow Stud, Clay Hill, Enfield aged 48 years and still single (information courtesy of Mr. Paul Tunaley)

William Tunaley died Ware, Hertfordshire, 1941, aged 79 years (click here) giving a birth year of 1862/1863 as in the title above.

Martha Leatherdale


b. 1834.

Wymondham, Norfolk.

m. Henry Roch Tunaley,

1857, Holborn.

Martha d. 1908, Chapel St,

Brixton Rd, Lambeth.



William Clement and Constance were the nephew and niece of William above (go to Robert James Tunaley and/or click here).



Florence Tunaley

Florence (click here) b. abt. 1895, Kennington, Surrey.

Third child of Robert James Tunaley

Records, including photographs, show "Florrie" living at Rue Bois Bonnet, Maisons Laffitte, Paris in 1917 indicating Robert's family having moved to Paris following Robert's death 1895.





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