Information and wedding photo courtesy of Ms. Natascha Brown. Second picture of Florrie, courtesy of Dr. Rob Carman. Probate information courtesy of Dr. Jane Holmes.


Robert James Tunaley


b. 2-4-1861 Wymondham, Norfolk.


m. Mary Eliabeth Clements, 5/1/1888,

Wymondham, Norfolk.

Robert d. 4/8/1895, Maison Laffitte, Paris.



Florrie spent part of her life in Paris,

then London where she ran the FlowerPot pub

on her own after husband Jack died in 1935.

Florrie spent her final years living in



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A young Florrie - click on picture to enlarge - picture courtesy of Rob Carman




Florence Tunaley


b. abt. 1895, Kennington, Surrey.


m. Jack Gilbert, abt. 1922.

(Jack d. 1935).


Florence d. 1967, Hounslow, Middlesex.

Florence's mother Mary Tunaley died May 1949, Paris, leaving effects

amounting to £2112 11s to Florence.

(Probate information courtesy of Dr. Jane Holmes.)


Daughter 1, b. abt. 1923 (living).

Jacqeline b. abt. 1925

d. June 2012.

Jack (b. date currently unknown).


Florence third child of Robert James Tunaley and wife Mary.

Records, including photographs, show Florrie living at Rue Bois Bonnet, Maisons Laffitte, Paris in 1917 indicating Robert's family having moved to Paris 1890's - Robert died 1895.










Mary Elizabeth Clements


m. Robert James Tunaley


Wymondham, Norfolk.


Mary d. May 1949, Paris.



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Picture courtesy of Natascha Brown.














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