In the 1901 Census, Martha Tunaley (nee Leatherdale) aged 64 is living at 8, Landridge Road, Fulham (close Putney Bridge) as Head of Household. Her husband, Henry Roch Tunaley, had died in 1895 and, previous to that, her mother-in-law Charlotte Dorothea Tunaley (Kemball) had been living at 82, Coningham Road, Shepherd's Bush, where she'd died 1890. Interestingly, this residence at Coningham Road, Shepherd Bush was no more than ten miuntes walk away from 23, Cromwell Grove, Shepherds Bush, where Ellen Drew (Tunaley) and Theodore were living 1881 with Charlotte (click here).

Living with Martha at Landridge Road are Gertrude (b. Wymondham, Norfolk, given as aged 30 and Martha's daughter), Constance K. Tunaley (b. Wymondham, Norfolk) given as Martha's daughter-in-law and aged 32, William Tunaley (aged 4) and Constance M. Tunaley (aged 2) and given respectively as grandson and grandaughter, both born Kennington, Surrey.

It would appear the young William was William Clement Tunaley, son of Robert James Tunaley (b. 1861) and Mary Elizabeth Tunaley.



Author's comments:

Statements and ages on the 1901 census appear confused compared with other records.

1. Constance K. is given in the birth records (click here) as Martha's daughter Constance K. b. 1866 (rather than daughter-in-law as in the 1901 census) the "K" of Constance K. likely standing for "Kemball" (i.e. named after Constance's paternal grandmother). Constance is a familiar and much-used name in this branch of the Tunaley family. Further records subsequently received do now show Constance Kemball as being the daughter of Henry Roch and Martha but Constance would have been aged 35 rather than the 32 years as given at the time of the 1901 census. Likewise other records give Gertrude as being born 1868 i.e. 33 years old at the time of the census rather than 30 years old.

2. Robert James Tunaley died 1895. Other records indicate that William Clement Tunaley would have been aged 7 years at the time of the 1901 census rather than 4 years, the latter improbably giving a birth year (1897) post-dating his father Robert's death by two years.

3. Other records and photographs appear to question the name Constance M. and indicate that Robert James' daughter was named Florence.

4. 4/2/2012: Natascha Brown, great-great-granddaughter of Robert James Tunaley confirms that the daughter of Robert was indeed Florence Tunaley

For further details of what happened to William Snr and William Clement Tunaley click here.

Existing records indicate the Tunaleys keeping on the house/apartment in Paris following Robert's death 1895 until at least 1922 and it is current speculation that Florence and Gertrude all went to live in Paris along with Robert's wife Mary Elizabeth Tunaley who, at the time of the 1901 census, may herself have been living there. Certainly, Florence or "Florrie" was living there in 1917.

Both William and Florence are recorded as having been born in Kennington.

Martha died 1908, Chapel St., Brixton Road, Lambeth.






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