John Albert Tunaley


b. 1872, Leicester.

m. Edith Ruth Brown, 1894.

John d. 1933, Billesdon, Leics.






1901 Census: John Albert Jnr. (aged 2) living with family at 43. St. Andrewes St., Leicester.

1881 Census had Samuel (John Albert's grandfather) also living at St. Andrewes St. (number 47), Leicester.


Andrewes St. (this is the correct spelling), where John and his family lived still stands and is located close to St. Nicholas Circle, Leicester city centre.



John Albert Tunaley Jnr.


b. 1899, Leicestershire.

m. Agnes Edwards, 1920, Leicester (Agnes b. 1903, Leicester; d. 1998,


John d. 1968, Leicester.



Christina Alison Tunaley

b. 1920, Leicestershire (m. Frank Rowthorn, Leicester, 1939).

Mary Tunaley, b. 1921, Leicestershire.
Barbara Tunaley, b. 1923, Leicestershire.
Agnes R. Tunaley, b. 1925, Leicestershire.
Margaret B. Tunaley, b. 1927, Leicestershire.
Kenneth J. E. Tunaley, b. 1932, Leicestershire


Edith Ruth Brown.


b. 1870, Leicester.

m. John Albert Tunaley, 1894.

Edith d. 1919, Leicester.








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