William Tunaley


b. 1802, Derby.

m. Anne Freckleton

Derby, 20-6-1830.


William d. Derby, 3-8-1878.




Click here for picture of 32, Swinburne Street,

Derby, where Elizabeth was living with her

family and sister Sarah Tunaley in 1901..

Joseph, aged 57, Elizabeth's husband and head of

household, was working as draper and hosier.





Elizabeth Tunaley


b. 1848, Derby.

m. Joseph Corney

All Saints, Derby, 2-3-1875.

(Joseph b. Aislaby in Whitby, York, 1844. Father Robert Corney, b.

1819, joiner of same location).


Annie Corney

b. 1876, Derby.

Eobert W. Corney

b. 1878, Derby.

Lilian Corney

b. 1879, Derby.

Harry Corney

b. 1884, Derby.



Ann Freckleton


b. Derby, 1808.

c. Spondon, Derbyshire, 27-3-1808.

m. William Tunaley Derby, 20-6-1830.


Ann d. Derby, 1878




1891 census has Joseph Corney operating

as a draper at 5 Tenant Street, Derby.

Elizabeth's sister Sarah is living with

the family "on her own means".





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