Sarah Gronow Tunaley


b. 1857, Manchester.

m. John Robert Lidyard, 1877.



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In 1891, it appears John Robert Jnr. was living in Mickleover, Derby, as a boarder.


In 1901, it appears John Robert Jnr. was living as a boarder in Maidstone, Kent, his occupation given as building surveyor.

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John Robert Lidyard Jnr.

b. Chorlton, Manchester, 1878.


In 1880, at the age of 2, it appears John Robert was living with Mary Thomason Tunaley at Rose Hill St, Derby.


Kent Census 1891 has Catherine Tunaley also living in Kent presumably, like her sister Sarah, working at the Kent Nursing Institution. Details in the panels above left and right suggest that J.R.L Jnr. was brought up in Derby but at some stage between 1891 and 1901 moved to Kent close to his mother Sarah and Catherine.


Records have been found showing that John Robert Lidyard married Alice Sarah May, Maidstone, Kent, second quarter, 1903.

Another record gives one Alice Sarah May, b/bap. 26 Nov 1879, Holy Trinity, Maidstone, Kent. Alice daughter of George May and Elizabeth.



Richard John Lidyard, christened 11th. Feb. 1904, Maidstone, Kent.
Brian Lidyard, b. 3rd quarter, 1910, Maidstone, Kent.
Maurice Lidyard, b. 4th quarter, 1916, Maidstone, Kent.





John Robert Lidyard.


b. 1857 Portland, Dorset.

m. Sarah Gronow Tunaley,




John Robert Lidyard Snr's second marriage following divorce from Sarah

According to the 1901 census, John Robert Lidyard Snr. was a polics officer, aged 44 years (birth year 1857), married to Lillian and living at Ardwick, Chorlton, S. Manchester.

They had six children, Harry, Lillian (Jnr.), Ethel, Richard, Florence and Sidney, separated in ages by 2-3 years.

The eldest, Harry, was aged 14 years in 1901 so one might reasonably assume John Robert Snr's second marriage to Lillian was around 1885/6.


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