John Tunaley


b. 1813 Duffield, Derby.

m. Sarah Wood (b. 26-5-1822) 1847, Belper,


d. 1863, Manchester.




It appears Sarah Gronow was estranged from

husband J.R.L. soon after marriage in

Manchester, subsequently bringing

son John Robert Lidyard Jnr. with her to Derby.




Sarah Gronow Tunaley


b. 1857, Manchester.

Sarah middle-named Gronow after her maternal grandmother and great-

grandfather, for details click here.


Baptism (along with sisters Mary, Catharine and Alexandra):10 Jul 1864,

All Souls, Ancoats, Lancs.

  Abode: 74 Every Street

Baptised by: C. B. Holden Rector

(John, the father, had died October, 1863)

Sarah m. John Robert Lidyard, Chorlton, Lancs, 1877.

Sarah d. February 1924, Harrow.


A State Registered Nurse, Sarah having trained at Derbyshire Royal

Infirmary, she then worked at the Kent Nursing Institution, followed by

the London Assocation of Nurses. For more detailed information on Sarah

Gronow Lidyard (Tunaley) click here.

(For footnote on John Robert Lidyard Snr.'s second marriage see below)


One son:

John Robert Lidyard Jnr.

b. Chorlton Manchester, 1878.


Maidstone Typhoid Outbreak of 1897/98

Sarah Gronow Lidyard and sister Catherine "Turnaley" appear on the list of

Maidstone medal recipients for typhoid nursing at:

(this website contains group photos of the nursing staff).

"Turnaley" is a common misspelling of "Tunaley".

Footnote re. John Robert Lidyard Snr.

According to the 1901 census, John Robert Lidyard Snr. was a polics officer,

aged 44 years (birth year 1857), married (second marriage) to Lillian and

living at Ardwick, Chorlton, S. Manchester.

They had six children, Harry, Lillian (Jnr.), Ethel, Richard, Florence and

Sidney, separated in ages by 2-3 years.

The eldest, Harry, was aged 14 years in 1901 so one might reasonably assume

John Robert Snr's second marriage to Lillian was around 1885/6.



Sarah Wood


b. 26-5-1822, Derbyshire.

m. John Tunaley 1847, Belper,


d. 1880, Belper, Derbyshire.





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