Henry ("Harry") Tunaley


b. Derby, 1861.

m. Sarah Ann Swindall, 1882, Nottingham.

Harry d. 1933, Nottingham, aged 72 years.







Thomas Henry Tunaley


b. Nottingham, 1888


m. Elsie Binch, Nottingham, 1916.

(Elsie b. Nottingham, 22/7/1890, d. 1971, Basford, Nottingham).


Thomas H. d. 1961, Basford, Nottingham, aged 72 years.



John Henry Tunaley

b. Nottingham, 2/9/1918

Marjery J. Tunaley

b. Nottingham, 1925.



Sarah Ann Swindall


b. Nottingham, 1863.

m. Henry Tunaley, Nottingham,


Sarah d. Nottingham, 1946, aged

83 years.




The Tunaley Family History

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