Samuel Walker Cox


b. 1809, Brailsford, Derbys.

m. Sarah Tunaley,








Samuel Richardson Cox


c. 28/2/1843, Breadsall, Derbyshire.

m. Eliza Adshard, (date unknown).

Eliza b. 1845, Stayley, Cheshire.


Samuel Walker Cox

b. Croxall, nr, Derby, 1878

Mary Hannah Cox

b. 1879, Croxall, Staffs.



Sarah Tunaley


b. 1809, Derby.

m. 9-3-1838 to Samuel

Walker Cox, at The Old

Church, St.Pancras, London.



Samuel Richardson Cox,

partner in the firm of Cox

and Bowring, wine and spirit





The Tunaley Family History

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