The Tunaley Family History

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Detailed information courtesy of Ms. Ruth Edge Gerety of Medford, Oregon, U.S.A. Samuel Henry Edge (b. 1876), Kate's husband, was the

brother of Ruth's grandfather, Albert Edwin Edge. Albert and family emigrated to Saskatchawan, Canada at about the same time that Samuel and Kate emigrated

to America. Click here to return to web page of Kate Tunaley.


Kate Ivy Edge b. 26/7/1899, Nottingham.

m. 22/2/1927 to Dr. Harold C. Fotre, Chicago

Kate d. Dec. 1982, Florida.

Walter Waller Edge, b. 25/12/1912, Oak Park, Cook County, Illinois.

Spouse Margaret.

d. Feb. 1955 (possibly in Alabama).

Lessel Henry Edge b. 19/1/1901, Nottingham.

m. 11/4/1931 Angela Burns, Chicago.

Lessel d. 27/1/1991, Illinois, U.S.A.

Spouses: Angela Burns (b. abt 1901); Pearl Sirban Lilifield (6 Mar 1905)

Arthur George Edge, b. 30 Sep 1915, Oak Park, Cook County, Illinois.

m. abt. 1938.

d. Dec. 1971 Illinois.

Spouse: Edyline

Florence (Nellie) Edge , b. March 1903, Nottingham.

m. before 1930, Chicago. d. unknown.

Spouse: Walter J. Badke (abt. 1902).

Eleanor Virginia Edge, b. 20 Nov, 1917, Oak Park, Cook County, Illinois.

m. 30 Apr 1949, Cook County, Illinois.

d. 2 May, 2006, Madison, Wisconsin.

Spouse: William Pahnke Jr. (b. abt. 1914)

Edna Edge, b. 29/12/1906, Oak Park, Cook County, Illinois.

m. 13/11/1944, Cook County, Illinois. d. unknown.

Spouses: Leo Hanley (abt. 1905) ; Mika Rudolphned.

Dorothy Jane Edge b. 30 Dec. 1921, Chicago.

d. 10 Apr. 1999, Chicago.

A. Gladys Edge, b. abt. 1907, Oak Park, Cook County, Illinois.

m. abt. 1930, Illinois, d. unknown.

Spouse: Samuel Peuser (b. 17 June 1911)

Albert Edwin Edge.

b. 18 May 1924, Chicago.

d. 22 May 1924, Chicago.

Samuel Henry Edge b. 17 March 1907, Oak Park, Cook County, Illinois.

m. abt 1928, Illinois.

d. 27 May 1980, Calument Park, Cook County, Illinois.

Spouse: Nora (b. 21 Sep 1908)