Francis Boott


Francis Boott ("merchant"), married Mary Tunaley All Saints, Derby, 25th July, 1805.

Followed by emigration to America where Francis set up the Boston trading partnership Boott and Farrow.

Francis d. 1818, Azores, on journey from America to England.





Francis Boott (Jnr.)

Composer and honorary professor (click here) at Florence's

Academy of Fine Arts (click here) .


Francis b. Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, June 24, 1813.

m. Elizabeth Otis Lyman, March, 1844. Boston, MA.

(Elizabeth b. July 29th, 1817, Boston, MA.)

From F.B. Jnr.'s memoirs: 1936-1939, Francis did a tour of Europe including Italy. In 1838 Francis visited Derby, England, and meets up with Tom Tunaley (his mother Mary Tunaley Boott's half-brother-click here) - "Uncle Tom".

Through Tom, Francis also meets up with Mrs. Sarah Oakes (nee Haden) twin-sister of the wife of American industrialist Kirk Boott Jnr. Ann had married K.B. 14th November 1818, at St. Michael's Church, Derby England.

Francis returned to Boston and married Elizabeth Otis Lyman in March, 1844. A son, Frank, was born "Spring" 1845. They were all then living with Mary Tunaley Boott at Mt. Vernon Street, Boston, a property purchased by Mary's husband "Jerry".

Tragedy then struck. Son Frank died August 1845. Francis's mother, Mary Boott Tunaley, died 7th February 1846. Daughter "Lizzie Boott" was born shortly afterwards (13th April, 1846) but in the following year Francis's wife Elizabeth died, April 1847.

Soon afterwards, the house on Mt. Vernon Street, Boston, was sold by owner and stepfather "Jerry" and it was then that Boott decided to move away to Italy with daughter "Lizzie". Francis, with Lizzie, departed America with a small retinue having already become a wealthy man by inheritance.

The story of what followed in Italy involving Francis, Lizzie and Lizzie's later artist husband Frank Duveneck is described in detail in an article from the "Cincinnati Wing" (part of the Cincinnati Art Museum), published by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer re. Frank Duveneck, Francis and Lizzie Boott


Elizabeth: d. June 1847, Charleston, S. Carolina, buried Cambridge, MA.


Francis returned to America from Italy 1888, d. March 1, 1904,

Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Frank Boott

b. "Spring", 1845, Boston, MA.

Frank d. August 1845, Nahant, MA.

buried Mt. Auburn, MA.


Elizabeth "Lizzie" Boott.

b. April 13, 1846, Boston, MA.

m. Frank Duveneck (one of Lizzie's artist

teachers), March 25, 1886, Paris.

(Frank b.October 9, 1848, Covington, Kentucky).

Elizabeth died , Florence, Italy, where she lies buried beneath a bronze reclining tomb sculpture created by her husband Frank (click here). Husband Frank later produced a marble version that is held by the Boston Museum of Fine Art.

Frank d., Cincinnati, Ohio, buried Mother of God Cemetery, Covington, Kentucky.

One son:

Francis ("Frank") Boott Duveneck

b. Florence, Italy,

18 Dec. 1886.

m. Josephine Whitney, 7th. June, 1913,

Boston, Massachussetts.

(Josephine daughter of the American

industrialist Henry Melville Whitney)

=> (1) Elizabeth, b. Lowell, April, 1915.

=> (2) Francis, b. Lowell, Jan. 1916.

=> (3) Hope, b. Palo Alto, May 1918.

=> (4) Bernard b. Palo Alto, Dec. 1922.


Frank Jnr. d. Sep. 15th. 1985, Los Altos Hills, CA, aged 98 years.




Mary Boott (nee Tunaley)


Mary marriage (1) to Francis Boott All Saints, Derby, 25th July, 1805.

Followed by emigration to America where Francis set up the Boston trading partnership Boott and Farrow.


Mary marriage (2) to Jeremiah Lee, Brattleboro, Vermont, 1825. Jeremiah, a merchant and at a later stage U.S. Consul in the Mediterranean, was the grandson of Colonel Jeremiah Lee, a person influential in the American War of Independence. Following marriage, Mary and "Jerry" set up residence in Mt. Vernon St., Boston, close to the Port of Boston. For further details click here.






















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