Albert Edward Tunaley


b. Derby, 1872.

m. Ruth Foster, 1893, Nottingham


Albert d. Nottingham, 1921.





Albert Edward Tunaley


b. Nottingham, 1896,

m. Louisa A. Barker (Pike), 1920, Nottingham (Louisa b. Nottingham 1889,

d. Nottingham, 1962).


Albert d. Nottingham, 1964, aged 67 years.


Albert E. Tunaley

b. 6/3/1922, Nottingham.

Thomas Tunaley

b. 28/6/1923, Nottingham.

Ruth Tunaley

b. 1925, Nottingham.

Ivy Tunaley

b. 15/4/1928, Nottingham.

Dorothy Tunaley

b. 1930, Nottingham.

Frank Tunaley

b. 1931, Nottingham.






Ruth Foster


b. 1871, Hucknall, nr.


m. Albert Edward Tunaley,

1893, Nottingham


Ruth d. Nottingham, 1908.




The Tunaley Family History

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