Thomas Elvin Tunaley


b. 1886, Wymondham, Norfolk.

m. Edith Emily Pullen, London, 1907.

Tom d. at sea 1940/41.










William Roche Tunaley


b. 1918, Islington, London.

m. Ivy I. MacDonald, Hackney, 1940.


William d. Hackney, 1997.


Daughter 1

b. 1941, Stoke Newington

married - moved to Canada abt. 1965.

Daughter 2

b. 1945,

Stoke Newington, London.

Daughter 3

b. 1951,

Stoke Newington, London.


Edith E. Pullen


b. Islington, 1885.

m. Thomas Tunaley, London,


It appears 2/3 years following Tom's death, Edith married again to William B. Webster, 1943, at Stoke Newington.




The Tunaley Family History

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