Henry Tunaley


b. 1779.


c. 10-3-1779, Derby.


m. Jane Browne 31-12-1800.



Census 1881:

George, Ann and twins living at 49, Forster St., Radford, Nottingham.

George's occupation given as Silk Weaver.

George's wife given as Ann Tunaley, b. 1822 Daybrook, Nottingham - occupation: Lace Dresser.

Children given as Harriet and Elizabeth and assumed to be children of George by second marriage.

Harriet's occupation given as Boot and Shoe Fitter.

"Lizzie"'s occupation: Lace Threader.

George is aged 61 years and Ann 59 years.


George Tunaley


b. 1818, Derby.

c. 24-2-1819.


m(1): Sarah Moore, 2-9-1844, Derby.


m(2): Ann of Daybrook, Nottingham (see panel on left).



Charles Tunaley b. Ashbourne, Derbyshire, 1845, c. 22/1/1846, St. Alkmund, Derby; m. 1866, Derby (spouse unknown).

m(2): Twin 1:

Harriet Tunaley b. 17-6-1865 c. 4-4-1875 St. Lukes, Derby.

m(2): Twin 2:

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Tunaley b. 17-6-1865 c. 4-4-1875, St. Lukes, Derby.


Jane Browne


m. Henry Tunaley,






1851 Census:

George, given as aged 29, is living in Quarn Street, in the St. Alkmund area of Derby at the home of his mother-in-law, Sarah Moore, aged 55, along with George's wife, also Sarah, aged 27, son Charles, aged 6 and George Jnr., aged 2 years.

George's occupation is given as ribbon weaver.




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