Thomas Roch Tunaley


b. 1860, Wymondham, Norfolk.

m. Charlotte Elvin.

Tom d. Forehoe, Norfolk, 27/1/1928.



Joe, who served in the Royal Engineers during

the Great War, pictured on horseback.

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Alphonse (later Joseph) Tunaley



b. 27-7- 1897.

m. Hylda Mary Holmes, Thetford, 1925.

(Hylda b. 17-7-1897, d. 1976, Bury St. Edmunds).

Joe d. 13th Feb. 1972, Newmarket.

Hylda d. 10th May, 1976.


Judith Tunaley

b. Thetford, 1927.


Roger F. Tunaley

b. Thetford 1931.

d. 2001, Bury St. Edmunds.







Charlotte Elvin


b. 1863, Wymondham, Norfolk.

m. Thomas Tunaley.

d. 1939, Newmarket, Suffolk.






Alphonse so disliked his name he changed it to Joe.

The name Joseph appears on his marriage certficate.

It is possible the name Alphonse is connected with Alphonse Baresse, the trainer of the horses of the then late Robert James Tunaley the jockey. Indeed, Alphonse Baresse may have been a godparent to Joe.













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