Arthur Tunaley


b. 1896 Derby.

m. Alice Johnson, 1923, Derby.


Arthur d. 1963, Shardlow nr. Derby.



Emigration to Canada 1957.


Tunaley Arnold (b.1923) 1957: Southampton to

Canada (Quebec).

Tunaley Elizabeth 1957: Southampton to Canada


Daughters and son included in records.



Movement to U.S.A. 1967.









Arnold A. Tunaley


b. Derby, 1923.

m. Elizabeth Booth, Nottingham, 1948.




Allison Tunaley:

b. Nottingham, 1949.

Daughter 2:

b. Crewe, 1952.

Son 1:

b. Crewe, 1956.

Daughter 3:

b. Canada, 1958.

Daughter 4:

b. Canada, 1963.







Alice Elizabeth Johnson.


b. Derby, 20/10/1899.

m. Arthur Tunaley, 1923, Derby.


Alice d. 1985, Derby.



Parents and grandparents Arnold

and Elizabeth are motorcycling

enthusiasts, biking throughout

the U.S.A.

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their remarkable achievements.


Information courtesy of

Allison Tunaley


















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