Reuben Rimmington


b. 3-11-1825.

c. 10-1-1831, Grantham, Lincs.

m. Emma Ford, 14-7-1862,


Reuben d. 22-8-1867.




Alexander: previously married to Eliza Squire (who was born 1 Dec 1859 and died 9 April 1899).
Married Louisa, 22 June 1903, Anstey, nr. Leicester (Glenfield).
Buried at Normanton, amended plot No. 477.

(1) Prior to joining the Army at the age of 20 years, Alexander was a rivetter in a shoe factory in Leicester.

(2) Grenadier Guards 1883-1895.

(3) After Army, lived at 82 Shirley St., Leicester to about 1906/7 then moved to Derby.

(4) Shoemaker/Bootmaker at 43, Brunswick St., Derby.

Kelly's Derby Directory 1928: Brunswick St., built c. 1900.

Hammond Isaac & Son, Boot Repairer, first operating at 43, Brunswick St., Derby.




Alexander G. Rimmington


b. 23-6-1863.

bp. 19-7-1863 Quorndon, Leics.

m. Louisa White 22-6-1903 Leicester.


Alex d. 6-12-1921, Derby.



Louisa May Rimmington

b. 1904, Leicester.

Florence Hilda ("Dickie") Rimmington

b. 1905, Leicester.

Harry Rimmington

b. 05-02-1908, Derby.

Lilian Rimmington

b. 19-03-1913, Derby.

Emma Ford


b. 1825, Quorn, Leicestershire.

m. Reuben Rimmington, 14-7-1862.


Emma d. 21-4-1898.

Emma buried at Quorn, Leics.




Much information courtesy of:

Mr. Richard Marfleet






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