Richard Threlfall


of Hollowforth, Woodplumpton, Lancs.

Christened 30 July 1769.

Records show Richard to have been a tanner

and, in 1813, involved in property dealings.



George Threlfall was a mining engineer.

He first came to Sydney to visit his older surviving brother* Richard (Professor of Physics at Sydney University) (b. 1861) then returned temporarily to England. The actual location of his marriage to Rosalie is thought to be Sydney with the two returning soon after to England via Switzerland (click here for Schweppes connection). Children Martyn and Reginald were born London.

At some stage, George returned to Australia although it seems George continued with his mining projects as he died Pachuca Mexico, where considerable silver and gold deposits had previously been found.


William Threlfall, Richard's second son b. Hollowforth, 1862 was a botanist drowned in the River Diyala whilst on a plant collecting expedition in a part of Persia (now Kurdistan), March 1888 (click here and here).

William: B.A. Oxon, 1885, F.L.S. 1887. William buried Baghdad.




Richard Threlfall


of Hollowforth, Woodplumpton, Lancs

b. 1804. m. Sarah Jane Mason (Richard's 2nd marriage).

Sarah b. Middlesex 1830.

Richard a wine merchant, small landowner and mayor of Preston 1855-1856 (click here).

Richard d. 1870. Sarah d. Hollowforth, Woodplumpton, 1899.


Richard Threlfall (see panel right)

b. Hollowforth, Woodplumpton, 1861.

William Threlfall

b. Hollowforth, Woodplumpton, 1862.

m. Helena Elizabeth Clara Koch.

=> William Threlfall b. June 1888.

William, the father, d. March 1888, (see panel left).

George Threlfall

b. Hollowforth, Woodplumpton, 1869.


Margaret Fisher




Richard Threlfall's first son, also Richard, b. Hollowforth, 1861.

Professor (Sir) Richard Threlfall (14/8/1861-

10/7/1932) founded the first School of Physics

at Sydney University.

Richard married English-born Evelyn Agnes

Forster Baird (d. 1929) at St. John's Anglican

Church, Hobart, 18/1/1890.

The couple met while Evelyn was visiting her

sister Lilian, who was married to Bernhard

Ringrose Wise, an Australian politician.

Richard kept up the name of "Hollowforth"

whilst in Australia by having a house built of

the same name at Neutral Bay, Sydney (click

here for details).



Much information courtesy of

Dr. Frances Walsh

Frances is the grand - daughter of Sophie

Threlfall, cousin of George.





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