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John Heathcoat 1783-1861


A renowned inventor, John Heathcoat patented and developed the lace making machine in Nottingham 1807. His story is remarkable and is only fully appreciated

by reading the biographies from the links below.


N.B.1. John Heathcoat was born in Duffield, Derby, as were a number of Tunaleys.

N.B.2. His invention and patent were based on work carried out in Nottingham - Thomas Tunaley Snr. and especially Thomas Jnr. had close ties with the city.


N.B.3 John Heathcoat's company, which subsequently moved to Loughborough, was subjected to Luddite riots in 1816 just as Thomas Tunaley's dyeing houses became part of the Derby


John Heathcoat finally set up a company which thrives today as the John Heathcoat Company, 150 years on, in Tiverton, Devon.

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